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Tree Hugger

This iconic but Endangered Australian marsupial is in decline due to loss of habitat, disease and introduced feral species.  The koala acquired its name from an Aboriginal word meaning “no water” as their diet of fresh eucalyptus leaves usually provides adequate moisture.  They are arboreal, only climbing down to the ground to move between trees, so are poorly adapted to walking, although they can manage a bounding gallop of up to 30 km if threatened.    The Blue Mountains are breathtaking, taking their name from the blue haze created by droplets of eucalyptus oil combining with dust particles, emitting a light which is predominantly blue.  Eucalyptus oil is highly inflammable, and seasonal bush fires, usually the result of lightning strike, can be devastating.   Australia is literally a place apart, its wildlife and flora found nowhere else.  The vastness of that that ancient continent can be hard to grasp.

Young Koala in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
TypeOil painting on linenSize60 x 90 cm (19.75 x 15.74 in)Share
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