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The Optimist – Mia the Ragdoll Cat About to Lose her Skink

Mia is one lucky cat. Completely adored, well cared for, kept safely as a house cat and only allowed outside on a leash, she will sit happily in the garden, safely tethered, just watching. She has learned where the skinks live, and manages to catch the odd one, though they always seem to escape. Skinks shed their tails as a distraction to aggressors when threatened, making a break for safety while leaving behind the thrashing tail Mia the Ragdoll thinks she has a firm hold on this one, and, who knows, she may value the tail more than the skink. Perhaps she has caught the same one more than once after its tail regrew. An extreme example of recycling.

Graphite drawing on paper
TypeGraphite drawing on paperSize36 x 43 cm (14 x 17 in)Share
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