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Gathering Dusk – Valletta Harbour, Malta

This was originally painted as a commission, until the purchaser changed his mind.  I happily kept it, as it took months of painstaking work, and now have the pleasure of offering it as a high quality giclee print.  Malta has a wonderfully rich history.  Inhabited since 5900 BCE, it has since been colonized by (among others) the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire and the British.  Valletta, the capital, was established by the Knights of St John in the 1500s.   Valletta Harbour is magical as daylight fades and the first lights are switched on, deepening the colours of the sea and turning white buildings to soft turquoise against the pink of the sinking sun.  The interplay of architecture, water and light made this an exceptionally beautiful and engrossing subject. 

Landscape oil painting on linen
TypeOil painting on linenSize60 x 45 cm (23.5 x 17.75 in)Share
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