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Startled Frilled Lizard in the Devil’s Marbles, Northern Territory, Australia

In defensive mode, with frill fully extended like a Tudor ruff and mouth wide open, they are visually arresting. Vulnerable to predation by dingoes, snakes, owls and other lizards, they can also run very fast – up to 30 km, upright, on long hind legs. An example of Australia’s extraordinary fauna. I placed this one in the Devil’s Marbles, one of their habitats in Northern Australia. This collection of enormous rocks is extraordinary, performing unlikely gravity-defying balancing acts. Quite magnificent with their colours glowing and vibrant in early evening sunlight. This was a very rewarding painting to work on, with a fascinating animal, a unique landscape and interesting light.   

Wildlife oil painting on linen
TypeOil painting on linenSize70 x 50 cm (27.5 x 19.5 in)Share
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