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Snow Leopard

Surviving in the harsh mountainous regions of Central and Southern Asia, the status of these elusive animals has been downgraded from Endangered to Vulnerable but, given ongoing threats from poachers for their skins and use in traditional medicines, compounded by loss of habitat and depletion of prey, their survival is precarious. Snow leopards are loners and, like all big cats apart from lions, rely exclusively on their own intelligence and survival skills in an unimaginably harsh environment. And being very beautiful they are extremely paintable, with camouflage-spotted fur, striking eyes, enormous paws and tails like draught excluders keeping out the cold.    I usually try to paint an animal in context, but this wonderful Snow Leopard needed only a simple dark background against which to glow.

Wildlife oil painting on linen
TypeOil painting on linenSize66 x 50 cm (26 x 22.5 in)Share
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