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Sisterly Love – Lynx Siblings

It can be a pain being loved and washed when you haven’t asked for it.  Lynx comprise four species of short-tailed big cats – the Canada, Eurasian and Iberian Lynx and the Bobcat. They inhabit North America, Asia and Europe. The Iberian Lynx of Southern Spain is the most Endangered with numbers in the low hundreds. The lynx is mainly nocturnal and a loner, except in the breeding season.  Their populations grow or decline relative to the availability of prey, with the Canada Lynx notably dependent on the snowshoe hare.  Happily, the Bobcat is doing well in the USA, despite having been aggressively hunted during the first half of the twentieth century, and is not considered a species of concern, despite thousands being “harvested” annually for the fur trade.

Wildlife portrait - graphite drawing on paper
TypeGraphite drawing on paperSize40 x 28 cm (15.75 x 11 in)Share
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