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First Snow – Red Deer in Winter Woodland

Red deer are native to many parts of Europe, the Atlas Mountains and Asia and widely introduced elsewhere.  Conservation efforts have resulted in increased numbers in most areas. Living in typically matriarchal herds, they have an average lifespan of fifteen years.  In the wild the sexes segregate for most of the year, with stags moving into hind areas as the breeding season approaches. Stags shed their antlers between March and May in the Northern Hemisphere, and regrowth begins in the spring.  There are few more impressive sights during a walk in the woods than a mature stag with massive antlers.  Shed antlers are a happy find for the wildlife enthusiast, and the hunter values the venison. Deciduous trees in winter are wonderful – honest and unadorned, the bare bones of the forest, wrapped in the silence of snow.

Watercolour painting on paper
TypeWatercolour painting on paperSize42 x 30 cm (16.5 x 11.5 in)
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