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Duck Heaven – Mallards

The Mallard or Wild Duck is a cheerful sight where there are ponds, lakes and rivers in most parts of the world. In common with a lot of birds, the male is gorgeous, and the female a bit more restrained. Mallards are the ancestors of all domestic duck breeds except the Muscovy.  I have watched Mallard couples as the male solicitously followed the female while she foraged for food, going hungry himself. And a single female trying to steal another female’s spouse. The threatened female was beside herself with insecurity, and the male completely unconcerned. The fluffy ducklings waddling in a line behind their parents are led to water almost as soon as their downy feathers are dry after hatching. They have lifespans of five to ten years in the wild. 

Watercolour painting on paper
TypeWatercolour painting on paperSize42 x 30 cm (16.5 x 11.5 in)
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