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Dreaming of Winter – Egret (Heron)

I painted this watercolour as an homage to the exquisite work of Japanese artists, with red midwinter sun and skudding clouds, and a few flakes of snow falling into a chilly pond. Egrets belong to the Heron family and are found in South America, Africa, Australasia, Asia and some parts of Europe, and listed as Vulnerable in some places.   Herons hunt in shallow water for fish, small amphibians, snakes, and invertebrates, stirring up the bottoms of lakes and ponds with their yellow feet, which are thought to attract small fish. This composition made an engagingly different subject.         

Watercolour painting on paper
Size30 x 42 cm (11.5 x 16.5 in)TypeWatercolour painting on paper
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