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A Lifelong Passion for Wildlife

Cats, big and small, have captivated me since childhood. Leonardo da Vinci’s quote, “the smallest of felines is a masterpiece,” perfectly captures my fascination. My encounters with tigers, lions, cheetahs, and even Scottish Wild Cats at zoos and wildlife parks only fueled this passion.

My artistic journey began in New Zealand after emigrating from England in the early 1970s. While I may be mostly Welsh by heritage, my early artistic influences came from self-discovery. I believe self-taught artists have the advantage of forging their own path, untainted by trends or expectations. However, I have complemented my self-taught foundation with part-time courses in sculpture and life drawing, acknowledging that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

For many years, I painted primarily for personal satisfaction, accepting commissions and selling privately. In the mid-1990s, I ventured into running an art gallery, showcasing the talent of New Zealand artists. Today, the internet offers a global platform for my own work. I’m excited to share my art through high-quality and affordable giclee prints, hoping to connect with a wider audience of kindred spirits.

My artistic inspiration stems from the work of talented wildlife artists who value representational accuracy. I believe that art, in its purest form, is an expression of love and a yearning to understand and connect with life. When portraying wildlife, my goal is to capture not just their physical form, but also their emotions and inner spirit. These creatures experience the world in their own way, facing challenges far greater than most of us. They deserve our respect, care, and ultimately, our action to protect their existence.

L. Desenfans

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